on my list this year:

- contacts

- a tongue piercing

- a second tongue piercing

- a third tongue p

School Holidays are upon me, so, time to rejoice; This means I can stay up late, and do whatever I want, for the most part. And considering that the only singular spark of joy in my life that isn't derived from memes that were created before I was culminated is drawing, I guess let's just say you'll be seeing some more of that from me in the near future, hopefully! :D

6037541_147466120721_tumblr_inline_o2ad2rpRL81tdihwh_100.pngI also just had the striking realization and nearly all of what I draw, and basically everything I've posted here, has been drawings of women. Girls, ladies, babes, dudettes, chicks, women. 

...Oh well, girls are pretty.





uploading some old art:

2016-09-11 02:28:55 by megadeathstroyer

time to die.

...when i had come to, i'd somehow found my way to animaljam.com

i'm ashamed, but in the least, i know  that my subconcious self knows wolves are shit and giraffes are really where it's at.

hello hi

2016-09-09 05:26:37 by megadeathstroyer

i've been a long time lurker on newgrounds since i was like... seven? maybe even younger, lol.

oddly enough, i've literally been way too lazy to actually.. sign up. or i mean, i did, but i like to disregard anything i did before gaining sentience over myself at the age of 12, when i shooed out the parasite that had been lodged in my brain for the past decade and took control.

i don't do animations or games (god, i wish i could, i would kill a man seven different ways before he hit the ground for that talent) but i DO draw! so, expect me to upload art here, whenever i'm reminded of this account i've just made, when i come by to binge sim dates periodically. :p